video marketing for local business


Video marketing for local business

The worst thing you could possibly do when getting a video made for your local business is to be boring and staid. Admittedly if you're in the practice of law or something that has a sense of correctness and dignity attached to it a talking head with a mohawk and earrings would probably not go down well.

But thinking a little outside the square that course is audience participation and interaction with the content will always create a more lasting impression than a boring seen it before content


A promo video only does you any good if people actually watch it. And like it.

As Seinfeld said, ”There is no such thing as an attention span. There is only the quality of what you are viewing.” This captures the essence of a great promo video.

I have a fitness product that I sell (passively these days). I made a promo video for it. A pure sales pitch. These are the audience retention stats for that video (via YouTube):

As you can see, the audience drop-off is pretty quick and consistent. Why? Nobody likes being pitched to. Your promo video has to be way more than just…More at What Really Matters For Promo Videos (3 Great Examples)

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