Mobile internet and travel planning

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Mobile marketing is in all aspects of business with Mobile internet and travel planning

The market take-up of mobile internet devices has been rapid and, within ten years, close
to 100% of travellers can be expected to be carrying internet capable mobile phones.

Travellers in australia are enthusiastic about using their mobile devices to enquire and book product while
they are on holiday. With more access to mobile internet and travel planning becomes a customer driven decision base on what they can find online.

A 2012 survey asked 30 small accommodation and activity providers in Victoria’s Yarra Valley to estimate the origin of their recent business.

Across these businesses, an estimated 18% of total turnover was attributed to multimedia searches
made by travellers while they were in the region. For those travellers who make decisions on where to
stay and what to do after they reach their destination, it is much more cost effective for enquiries and bookings to be serviced via the internet than in-person at a Vic. ( Vics are the predominant mode by which government agencies, the tourism industry and other organisations provide in-person visitor information delivery across australia.)

The Vic model was developed in an era before visitors could research and book accommodation, activities
and other tourist product from mobile internet devices while on holiday.

Given the high rate of take up of mobile ‘smart phone’technology and its cost effectiveness relative to the
traditional Vic model, future planning for visitor service delivery should consider the substitution of
less effective in-person services for quality online information delivery platforms.

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